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Whether you are a working dog training or service organization, an individual working dog owner, or just someone interested in the availability and well being of working dogs, we invite you to join us. Our research will not only benefit people but the working dogs themselves by ensuring success, happiness, and health of these amazing animals. Together, we can realize a vision of the world where there is no shortage of successful, happy, healthy working dogs.

You can join our vibrant community by either as a participant or donor to support our work.

Donate Samples

Individuals with current or former working dog(s) who wish to participate can visit the Darwin’s Ark Working Dog Portal to complete the behavioral survey and sample collection. If you are an organization that trains or uses working dogs, we can provide you with DNA sample collection devices after submission of behavioral assessment data.

Provide Data

Organizations that train or use working dogs are encouraged to contact us to discuss collaborations. We will work with you to integrate your training and behavioral assessments. This behavioral data is critical information that will help train the model to recognize successful working dog traits so genomic tests can be developed.

Contribute Sequences

Organizations, researchers, or individuals in possession of full-depth (30x) sequence of any dogs, who wish to collaborate or contribute data to advance working dog research should contact us to initiate discussions. Your contributions will ensure the most robust consensus sequence that represents the wide diversity of dogs across breeds and trait variations.


Scientific advancement is expensive. The first human genome cost $2.7 billion and opened a world of benefits for human health previously unimaginable. With modern genomics technology and advancements being developed here at the Working Dog Project, our endeavor will be several orders of magnitude less expensive.

Currently, we estimate our total budget will be approximately $10.6 million (255 times less than the first human genome). We have already raised nearly one million dollars to support the initial phase, which delivered far more scientific and technological advancements than we anticipated. With your generous support, we will build on our initial success and work to combine cutting edge genomic technology with breeding programs designed to maximize health and success in our working dogs.


Full Depth Sequencing of one Working Dog


Low Pass Sequencing and Analysis of 50 Working Dogs


Development of one Analysis Methodology OR Platform


Validate one Genomic Region in Successful Working Dogs


Development and Clinical Validation of Predictive Test